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DIY Shed Building Steps-Walls

Walls The walls come pre built so all that needs to be done is putting them on the base floor, sometimes it can be difficult putting them on correctly so a trick is to start from the back and then the sides and last the front. Each edge needs to be exactly 3 1/2in...

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DIY Shed Building Guide-Trim

Roofing Trim The roof trim needs to be put on before the metal roof rail, to put the wood trim on all you need is a ladder and a nail gun. The trim is placed on the top part in two different steps. First, the trim underneath needs to go on before the top part so that...

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DIY Shed Building Guide-Roof

Shed Roofing Step 1 After the walls have all been assembled the roofing edge boards go up next. They just need to be alligned with the edge of the wall that its going on and then nailed. The picture below shows how its placed.   Step 2 The boards that go on top...

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Advantages of Investing in Custom Made Sheds

Advantages of Investing in Custom Made Sheds

A shed is one of the most critical structures in your home. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that you have the best one where you do not only store your stuff, but contribute to the curb appeal of your home. Like you do when you are building your home, it is...

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Tips on How to Build a Shed

A shed is a critical structure to have in your home. The shed helps you store all your stuff and tools and ensure they are fully secured. To have the best shed you can decide to have one that is built by professionals or you can decide to construct on your own....

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