Have you ever thought of using your shed as a home addition? This practice is becoming increasingly more popular as housing prices soar in Utah.

You know you need the extra space, but buying a new house is out of the question and home renovations seem too expensive. The easy and clear option is to buy a shed.

Not only are they way more affordable than adding on a new room, but they’re also made of the same materials as many houses. This helps them last a long time, especially if they’re well-maintained and have a good foundation.

Below are four ways you can use your shed as a home addition.

1. Crafts Room or Art Studio

When space is limited in the house, it can seem selfish to take it up with non-essentials. Unfortunately, the first things to go are usually the ones you like best.

Art supplies, crafts and other hobbies that take up too much room are often relegated to a tiny corner of the house. Adding a shed to your back yard is a great way to claim space for the activities you like best.

All you need is insulation, an air conditioning unit and a space heater and you’re set for the whole year.

2. Home Office

When working at home, it can be hard to focus. Many people who leave the home to work find themselves more productive and focused, even if they’re just working in the back yard.

Transforming your shed into a home office is a great way to free up space inside the house and give you a quiet area to work.

3. Gym

Going to the gym can be hard, especially after a long day. The solution? Put a home gym in your shed. It will help you stay motivated because it’s close enough to take away many of your excuses.

As an added bonus, it’s easier to move machines into a shed than to haul them up or down stairs.

4. Entertainment Room

An entertainment room is a classic home addition that can quickly become pricey. Want the fun of an entertainment room with having to pay the high price tag?

Install it in your shed. The shed is perfect because it’s detached from the house and it won’t bother anyone who’s working, studying or sleeping just one room over.

Find More Unique Ways to Use a Shed as a Home Addition

As your family grows and your space begins to dwindle, think about using a shed as a home addition. Here at Wright’s Sheds, we create beautiful sheds that can be used for a variety of functions. Call us to get a free quote on your next home addition project.

Disclaimer: Wright’s Sheds does not provide finishing services for shed interiors. Be aware that if electricity is required or a shed exceeds the standard size, you may be required to get a permit for the building project.