Detached Garages

High quality garages built to last.

Available in Nebraska.  In Utah we build garages from December through March only.


Detached Garages

Detached Garage Pricing

Looking for an exceptional custom garage builder?  You have come to the right place. Since 1997 we have been building quality custom garages. Wright Shed CO. specializes in detached  garages to protect your vehicles from the snowy winters and hot summers. We offer a variety of reasonably prices custom garages designed and built for your needs.  Our standard garages come with 8 foot walls.  There are  multiple options that can be added to the standard garage including 10 foot walls,  doors, windows, vents, shelving, dormers, pop out windows, porch and deck, roof pitch upgrade, ramps, and lofts. We provide free consultation to help you design the garage of your dreams.


Detached Garages Utah
  • 8-ft. walls
  • 4/12 pitch roof
  • Standard 12" Overhang on All Sides
  • Entry door
  • 3’x3′ window
  • Non-Electric Garage door
  • LP Smart Panel Siding
  • Shingles
  • Double Top Plate
  • Stick Frame Construction

**Customer is Responsible Concrete, Permits, and Inspections. No Exceptions**




Description Price
12'x16' $4,811
12'x20' $5,166
12'x24' $5,436
14'x20' $5,969
14'x24 $7,167
16'x16' $7,064
16'x20' $7,364
16'x24' $7,764
18'x20' $6,712
18'x24' $8,058
20'x20' $7,196
20'x24' $8,633
24'x24' $9,834
24'x30' $11,989
24'x36' $14,371


*Add 15% of costs for 10-Ft Wall Upgrade

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