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Factors to Consider in Storage Sheds

If you’re thinking about a new storage shed for your home or farm, the professionals at Wright’s Shed Co. are here to help. We have a huge variety of sheds that might fit your needs, including the Vineyard Shed that comes with seven-foot walls and a large door that...

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4 Ways to Use a Shed as a Home Addition

Have you ever thought of using your shed as a home addition? This practice is becoming increasingly more popular as housing prices soar in Utah. You know you need the extra space, but buying a new house is out of the question and home renovations seem too expensive....

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4 Unique Uses for Sheds

There are dozens of uses for sheds that go unrealized every day. To the typical consumer, a shed is just something to store your tools in. However, this mentality stops you from truly getting the most out of your shed and your property. There are lots of uses for a...

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5 Signs of a High-Quality Shed

Does a high-quality shed make a big difference when you’re choosing an outdoor storage solution? You better believe it does! Whether you’re storing machinery, tools or your favorite patio set, the point of storing is to preserve it. In Utah’s extreme climate, a...

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3 Shed Styles to Consider 

What shed style should you could choose for your backyard? You see lots of styles in home improvement stores and in your neighbors’ backyards. But before you make your decision, compare your top choices. After all, a new shed is a big investment, and you want to make...

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How Long Should Your Shed Last?

A shed is more than just a roof and four walls around your garden tools, holiday decorations and lawn mower. It’s an extension of your home. A quality shed can be more than a storage area. It can provide extra living space and add value to your property. But it has to...

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6 Reasons to Build a Shed in Your Back Yard

You want to build a shed for the right reasons — not just because they’re aesthetically pleasing, but because they’re functional too. If you’re working on rationalizing your backyard shed investment, here are the top six signs you “need” and not just “want” a new...

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Shed-Building Company Must-Haves

When you’re looking for a shed-building company to handle your project, you want one that will do the job right. After all, building a new shed is a big expense and a long-term investment in your property. What should you look at when selecting a shed-building...

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