Even though sheds are used year round, many homeowners purchase their sheds in the spring and summer months, when spring cleaning or summer landscaping projects begin. But the off-season is a great time to buy a shed.

At Wright’s Shed Co. we are currently offering $250 off when customers spend $2500 or more. This is a great deal if you looking to get a custom shed before the winter starts. Take advantage of this offer and get a custom storage shed installed this fall.

Here are five more reasons to buy a shed this fall:

1.  Clean up the yard for winter

It’s time to clean up your yard and prepare for winter. A custom storage shed is a great place to store extra things you won’t need until the warm temperatures come back.

2. Store your lawn and garden equipment

As the summer and fall begin to wind down, you’re going to need some space to store your expensive equipment. A beautiful custom storage shed is the perfect solution to protect your tools and equipment so they’re as good as new in the spring.

3.  Store your summer toys

Do you have children’s toys laying around the backyard? Maybe you have your own toys, such as a four wheeler, motorcycle, or other ATV. A custom storage shed is a great place to store and protect these things during the cold winter months.

4. Protect your stuff from weather and theft

A storage shed is a great solution for conveniently storing your stuff during the winter months. A shed will protect your things from being damaged from rain, snow, and freezing temperatures. You can also securely lock your storage shed to prevent theft.

5. Save time and money

Storage units can come with long-term commitments and expensive monthly payments.  Save time and money and have year-round convenient access to your things with your own custom built shed.

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