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A Closer Look at the Orchard Shed

The Orchard Shed is one of our most popular custom shed styles. Wright's Shed Co. takes pride in building a higher quality of custom shed. Go ahead and compare our sheds to the competiton — you won't find anything better. The Orchard will make your...

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What is the Cost of a New Custom Shed?

The cost of a new custom shed can vary. You could find custom shed quotes anywhere from several hundreds of dollars to more than ten thousand dollars. A lot can determine the cost of shed, such as size and the materials used to buy the shed, and the custom...

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How to Pick the Right Custom Shed

There are many reasons to build a custom shed. A beautiful custom shed is a great way to spruce up your backyard and offer a wide range of new possibilities from storage space to a kid's playhouse to Dad's workshop. So how do you know which custom shed it...

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8 reasons you need a custom shed

There are many reasons to add a custom shed to your backyard. A backyard shed can help you declutter your home, cleanup your yard, and organize your garage. Your family will be able to better enjoy your home and yard with a beautiful custom storage shed.

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