East Mountain Wilderness Park

East Mountain Wilderness Park is one of the easiest and interesting hikes going through foothills Kaysville. The park itself occupies one hundred and forty acres of the wilderness. It is characterized by Rocky Mountains. Its backdrop has five campsites inside the trees. It has a trail that is popular with bikers and hikers and measures 1.7 miles. It goes through a scrub oak forest and you get to have great views of Wasatch Mountains and the entire Kaysville region. As you move along, you will realize there are many trails that crisscross the park. The major trail is usually marked with arrows so that people do not lose direction as they go hike and bike. With the many trails intersections, it is advisable that you come with a GPS or map and research in advance to have good knowledge of the entire area. With its simplicity, you can come with your children and they will definitely have something to enjoy.

The park route

From the area where you park, you start to hike near the large sign located at the end point of the park. It starts on a wide path and you are supposed to follow the small signs that have arrows because the trail usually breaks of and move to the north along the hills. There are several other trails you find as you hike, you have the explore any of them or you can just decide to follow the major trail. You should move past the Bonneville Shoreline Trail junction.  The trail also moves to the southern side and when you follow this route, you will go back to the parking lot. The many trails mean that you do not have to just focus on the main trail. This is what makes East Mountain Wilderness Park a perfect destination to explore.  There are a lot of things you will see and have a great adventure.

The park is perfect for people of all ages because the elevation is moderate. There are also a lot of trees and bushes that offer an elegant scenery. When it comes to wildlife that you will see, there are jack rabbits, mule deer, tarantula spiders, porcupine and wide variety of bird species.  There are four campsites available and you should only camp here for a night.


When visiting East Mountain Wilderness Park, there are certain thing you need to know beforehand in order to have the best experience.  The trail is more popular with bikers. You need to be extra careful around the corners specifically with pets and children. You are also not supposed to use your car beyond the entrance gates.  In case you want to camp, it is worth noting that open fire is only allowed on the ground level and you must remove it after using it.  You should also make sure that you dispose and remove all the ashes and embers.  You can come with your horse, and dogs are only permitted on the controlled leash. Besides, you should not remove trees and have to use the restrooms that are situated in the parking lot.

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