If you’re thinking about a new storage shed for your home or farm, the professionals at Wright’s Shed Co. are here to help. We have a huge variety of sheds that might fit your needs, including the Vineyard Shed that comes with seven-foot walls and a large door that makes storage a breeze.

What are some of the factors you should be considering before installing utility or storage sheds on your property? There are several, related to everything from space and design to local ordinances. Let’s take a look at a few important areas we recommend spending time on.

Codes and Restrictions

Before you get started with any building or installation whatsoever, you should take the time to become familiar with all local ordinances, restrictions and codes. There are certain areas that have very different requirements for these kinds of things than others – their permit thresholds could be very different, for instance, or they may have building codes that dictate only certain materials can be used for a shed.

This is the case even for smaller, simpler storage sheds. The last thing you want is to be halfway into a shed construction project only to realize that you have to start all over because your materials or design aren’t up to code.

Size Concerns

While you’re taking the time to ensure everything falls within local regulations, also spend a little while mapping out your space needs. Consider the primary items you’re looking to store in the shed, then make sure the style you’re considering has the proper dimensions to fit these items. Take special care to make sure the door opens wide enough for even your bulkiest items – getting an entire shed installed only to realize you can’t fit your over sized lawn mower inside of it is a real letdown.

Design Standardization

You may be purchasing your shed primarily for storage concerns, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend any time considering design. In particular, it can make a real impact on the appearance of your property – and perhaps even your home value, should you decide to sell – if things are standardized here. This means finding a shed style that combines well with the aesthetic features of your home, including color and things like door or window material. You don’t necessarily have to get a shed that matches your home perfectly, but getting a few of the same elements will give the entire property a more seamless feel.

Blending In

Down similar lines, you can use other elements of your outdoor landscape to help your shed blend in. Consider planting flowers or other plants near the shed to make it seem more a part of the property, similar to how many people have lines of flowers right outside their exterior walls.

For more on the important areas to consider before installing a storage shed, or to learn about any of our shed contractor services, speak to the pros at Wright’s Shed Co. today.