Homestead Pre-Built Shed Dealer

After nearly 20 years of building high quality custom sheds on-site at the home of the customer, Wright’s Shed Co. is expanding its shed offering.  In 2017 Wright’s Shed Co. will be offering a high quality pre-built shed.  The new shed line will be called the “Homestead Series.”  Customers will be able to choose from a Utility and Barn Style Shed with options for upgrades.  In addition to offering a new line of sheds, for the first time ever, Wright’s Shed will be working with local dealers to sell and distribute their pre-built shed line.

Become a Shed Dealer


What makes an ideal shed dealer?

  • Highly motivated to sell sheds
  • Previous selling experience
  • Access to a location with high visibility
  • Plenty of room to display sheds

Most successful shed dealers are able to be at their shed lot on a regular basis.  It is very important that you are meeting with customers face to face as they are determining what is most important to them in regards to their shed purchase.  We realize that customers have many options when it comes to sheds so it is extremely important that customers are well taken care of and highly informed about the advantages of a shed from Wright’s Shed co.

Why become a shed dealer?

  • Receive a percentage commission on each Pre-Built Shed sold.
  • Receive a referral bonus on each Custom Shed referral.
  • It is a low initial investment with a potential high return.
  • Selling sheds can be highly rewarding.
  • Low Stress.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can become a dealer, fill out the contact form and provide us with how and why you think you would be an ideal shed dealer candidate.

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