An outbuilding, often called a shed, is like a bonus space on your property, separate from your house or main building. Custom sheds can serve different purposes, such as providing extra storage or a dedicated workspace. In this blog post, we’ll explore when and why it might be a good idea to add an outbuilding to your property. 

We’ll also share practical tips to help you decide and make a smart choice. These versatile structures can adapt to your changing needs, whether you need more space to store things, a place to work, or a creative hideaway. So, let’s explore how outbuildings can improve your property and your life.

Signs it’s Time for Your Own Outbuilding Shed

Before we discuss why you might need an outbuilding, let’s look at some signs that indicate it’s time to get one:

Woman Running out of Storage Space
  1. Running Out of Storage Space:
  • If your home’s closets, attic, and garage are overflowing with stuff, it’s a clear sign that you need more storage. An outbuilding can help you tidy up your living space.
  1. Protecting Valuable Equipment:
  • Whether you have gardening tools, sports gear, or machinery, keeping them in a secure and weather-resistant outdoor structure can help them last longer and remain ready for use.
  1. Starting a Home Business:
  • If your home-based business is growing, you might need a separate workspace away from your living area. A custom-built shed can serve as your office, studio, or workshop.
  1. Creating a Garden Retreat:
  • Making a shed into a cozy garden retreat gives you a peaceful escape from your daily routine. It’s a great space for relaxation or pursuing hobbies.
  1. Boosting Property Value:
  • When you decide to sell your home, having a specially designed storage shed can enhance its desirability, potentially fetching a higher price.

When these signs start to appear, it’s clear that having your own outbuilding is a practical and beneficial choice.

Smart Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Custom Sheds

Custom Shed in Backyard

Now, let’s explore some useful tips to help you assess your needs and decide whether to add an outbuilding to your property. Remember that even if you initially invest in a shed for one purpose, you can adapt it to meet changing needs and ideas. Here are some insightful tips:

  1. Define Your Current and Future Needs:
  • Start by identifying your immediate requirements for the outbuilding. Do you need more storage, a workspace, or something else? Think about how your needs might change in the future.
  1. Assess Available Space:
  • Look at your property to find the best spot for the shed. Consider things like accessibility, sunlight, and proximity to utilities (if needed).
  1. Choose the Right Size:
  • Pick a shed size that matches your needs without going too big. A custom-built shed can be made to your exact dimensions.
  1. Plan for Utility Connections:
  • If you need electricity, plumbing, or other utilities for your intended use, plan for these connections during construction.
  1. Think About Aesthetics:
  • Consider how the outbuilding will fit with your home’s look and the surrounding environment. Customization options let you match the shed’s appearance to your preferences.
  1. Budget Wisely:
  • Set a budget for the project, including construction costs, utility connections, permits, and ongoing maintenance expenses.
  1. Seek Professional Guidance:
  • Consulting with a professional builder or architect can provide valuable insights into design, construction, and local building regulations.
  1. Explore Repurposing Possibilities:
  • Keep in mind that your outbuilding can change with your needs. If you start with storage and later find it unnecessary, you can turn it into a home gym, art studio, or guest cottage. Your shed’s flexibility is a valuable asset.


In conclusion, an outbuilding on your property can be a versatile addition that enhances your living space and property value. By thoughtfully assessing your needs, planning carefully, and considering future possibilities, you can make a well-informed decision about investing in a shed. 

Remember that your shed’s utility and potential can adapt to your evolving lifestyle, whether you need more space to store things, a functional workspace, or a creative hideaway. So, custom storage sheds can be a valuable and lasting addition to your property and your life.