South Ogden, UT

South Ogden City is one of the cites found in Weber County. On the northern and eastern side, there is Ogden city. On the southern part, you will find Uintah and on the western side is Washington Terrace and Riverdale. The city covers an area measuring four square miles.

Brief history and its growth

The city has a long history from the time that the Mormon pioneers settled here. Daniel Burch together with his family settled here in 1848. He came from Kentucky and in 1850 it was named Burch Creek because of his name. Weber Canal was developed in 1852 and he built a gristmill near source of Riverdale.  The city council of Ogden developed a six room isolation facility where patients suffering from smallpox were kept.  The area also had several dairy farms, will minor developments happening until the 1890. From then, more development came into this area whereby both commercial and residential properties were developed.  Schools also began to rise up with the first school built in 1897. It was considered to be the most contemporary schools in the city. In 1925, the first church was built.

During the 1930’s, Burch creek community engaged in farming and the people here required more water.  With the increased need for more water, the supply was started in 1934. South Ogden UT was closely located to Ogden Arsenal and Hill Air Force Base and this is one of the factors that led to its growth in the 1940s. The city continued to grow to become one of the top cities in the county.

The city is a home to some of the biggest businesses, churches, schools and other social amenities. With the population that has continued to grow, the city has also continued to experience drastic development and rise of other social amenities.  It has a good balance of both business districts and residential areas.  There are many small shopping places, religious organisations, health care facilities, stores, entertainment centers among others in the city. This means that when you visit or reside here, all your needs will be met effectively.

Things to do and major attractions

South Ogden is a city that has a lot of things you can see and do.  As a visitor or resident you have a lot of options and feel happy here.  Some of the top places where you can visit with your friends or family members include historic 25th street, union state, waterfall canyon trail, tree house children museum, cold springs trout farm, Ogden botanical gardens, Ogden nature center and others. There are different parks where you can enjoy hiking or biking and do other outdoor activities.  In addition, the different centers and museums offer a great opportunity for you to learn about the different historical facts. You can come here even with your children because there are different kids’ friendly activities you can enjoy here and have a great time together. They also learn a lot of historical things from the museum and farm.

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