Adams Canyon

The Adams Canyon is one of the most elegant spots you can visit in Utah. It offers a scenic trail you might not have experienced in your life or any other place. It is the second most popular trail in the entire Davis County. It is ranked at the top because of its high level accessibility, elegant look, waster, shade and the present of the Adams waterfall measuring forty foot.

From the place where you park, the trail goes through many switchbacks as you go up the five hundred feet in elevation. The entire trail has a covering of soft sand, meaning that you need to apply more effort to go up the first hill. However, this should not demotivate you because once you are up the hill, the trail gets more level. Here you will enjoy the first view of the large valley below you.

When you have crossed the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, you will go down to the creek level and now enter the Adams Canyon. From this point you have an amazing view. The trail moves to the North Fork of Holmes Creek through great white pines, scrub oak and past the beauty offered by the many small waterfalls you come across. As you move up to the canyon, you come across a lower stream crossing, few rock outcroppings and you also come across very steep slopes. Despite that the trail is rated as moderate, most the areas that are steep are found on the upper parts of the canyon, near the waterfalls.

When you are at the top, the amazing Adams Canyon Waterfall will be viewed well. However, you have to be ready to get wet because you will have to cross Holmes Creek, so that you can go near the water falls. You will enjoy the wading pool at the bottom and when the wind blows, just right, you will be able to enjoy a great mist that is right for a hot summer day.

Tips to follow

If you are a pet enthusiast, you can come with your dog because they are permitted on the leashes. In case you come to visit this place with your children, you need to monitor them carefully especially on the upper parts of this trail. You are not supposed to hike beyond the waterfalls. The terrain is very wet and steep and can lead to accidents.  It is also advisable that you take a lot of water because it might get warm and your body needs to be well dehydrated to be able to move up the trail and finish the race up to the top. Like any other hiking experience, it is good that you start the adventure early in the morning when your body is still rejuvenated and have time to rest in the afternoon hours. By doing this, you will also avoid traffic because at times you might find a lot of people who come to have their adventure here. In overall, you will have an amazing outing in Adams Canyon.

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