Kaysville East Mountain Wilderness Park Trail

Kaysville East Mountain Wilderness Park is a loop trail located nearby Kaysville. It is rated as moderate in terms of the traffic it receives. It contains elegant flowers and it a perfect place for people with different levels to visit and have a great adventure. There are several activities you can enjoy when you visit this place and the good thing is that you can access it any time of the year. Besides, if you have pets, there is no need to worry because horses and dogs can also use the trail.  It is a place you can pop in when you are feeling motivated to enjoy a short hike.  Since it is not a long trail, it is possible to do the trail for less than one hour.  The mountain is also perfect for kids because there are a lot of children friendly things to see and activities to engage.

What you get and what you can do

There are exercise stations where you can improve your experience by doing physical exercises. The trail is fit for biking or hiking. The head of the trail also acts as an access point for the Bonneville and great western trails. The entire park covers almost one hundred and forty acres with rocks and campsites found between the trees.  In case you would like to camp here, you need to know that you can only do it for a single night. Besides, you should also know that there is no fee to use the wilderness area. There is also no trace camping and you should not go beyond the entrance gates with your car. You can have open fire that is only allowed on the ground and you must remove it after you are done.

As you do the hiking, you will note that there are several trails that crisscross the entire park. However, you will find it easy to follow the main trail because you get marked arrows showing its direction. If possible, you should also have a map and gain more useful information before you engage in this adventure. In case you want to be accompanied by your kids, no need to worry, because the park is friendly for both children and beginners.

The trails here are friendly because it is easy to ride on them. It is only some few spots where you are supposed to hike. However, if you have experience, there is no need to hike, you can still ride. To get the best experience, it is good to ride in a counterclockwise manner. The campsite trails are also available for cyclists where you can rest in between the sessions. Here you also have rest areas and picnic tables. Besides you will also get bathroom at the trail heads, so you can enjoy a shower after the adventure. In overall, Kaysville East Mountain is a perfect placed for you to enjoy your day or you can still come here with your family members and enjoy time together or even for bonding.

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