Bountiful, UT

This is a city located in Davis County and according to the 2010 census it had a population or more than forty three thousand. The city developed fast from the 1940s to the 1960s. In 1985 it was the largest city in Davis County, but it was later overtaken by Layton City. At the moment, the city is the 15th largest city in Utah.  Despite that it is a section of the Ogden-Clearfield area; it has a bedroom community to the entire Salt Lake City and its neighborhoods.  However, with the narrow entrance of the Salt Lake County, there is high traffic especially during the busy hours. There is the FrontRunner commuter trail that has been in operation since April 2008. Besides, there is also the Legacy Parkway that began its operation in 2008. It was developed to control traffic load through the Bountiful city.

The city was first settled in 1847 by Perrigrine session together with the family.  It became the second city to be settled in Utah after Salt Lake City. It was given the name Bountiful in 1855, before; it was referred as North Canyon Ward and Sessions Settlement.  Its name is derived from its good name as a garden place. There are many religious institutions here meaning that people from different denominations have a place to attend.  Bountiful city got incorporated in the year 1892.

The city has an elegant main street that has many shops and it acts as a home for some of the big retail shops.  Every July, there is the annual handcart celebrations, which is an even that is organised by volunteers. People from the different cities in Davis County congregate for these celebrations. Thus, if you are planning to visit the city during this time, you can also take part and get to have a great time here. The festivities you will enjoy here include games, fireworks, parade, food and art exhibit.

It geography and climate

Bountiful city occupies an area measuring 34.9 kilometers square and all of it is land. A part of the city is found at the bottom of Wasatch Range and goes up high to the eastern side. Most people who live here climb the slopes on this mountain. On the western side, there is a flatland extending to the mudflats, Great Salt Lake and marshes bordering it.  Some of the cities that surround the city include Wood cross, North Salt Lake and Centerville.

The city experiences seasonal differences ranging from hot to warm. In most cases the weather is humid with warm temperatures during the summer, while during the winters at times it is extremely cold. The climate here is rated as humid continental climate.

Major attractions in Bountiful UT

Some of the major attractions in the city include Creekside Park, Bonneville shoreline trail, North Canyon Park, twin Hollow Park and others. There are also different entertainment centers and hotels where you can relax and also have good times as you engage in outdoor activities as a group or even with your kids.

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