The cost of a new custom shed can vary and you can find quotes anywhere from several hundreds of dollars to more than ten thousand dollars. A lot can determine the cost of shed, such as size and the materials used to buy the shed, and the shed builder or dealer. You can review our pricing page or use our free custom shed quote tool to better understand our shed costs.

To make sure you are paying the right price for your shed, here are some things to consider:

Where are you going to place the custom shed?

Will the shed be going in your backyard? Determining where you are going to build your custom shed will help determine the appropriate size of shed and what type of materials will be needed for the new shed project.

Will you have to prepare the ground before installation?

It is important to have the ground as level as possible. Leveling is not included in our prices. You will also want to consider the costs of pouring a foundation before building a custom shed.

Will you need to buy a permit for your shed?

Generally most sheds under 200 square feet do not require building permits. You should reach out to your local city to see what is and is not allowed in your area.

What style of shed do you want?

We offer a variety of different styles of custom sheds. Choose from The Vineyard, The Orchard, The Farm, or Lean-To.  Each one of our styles has a different range of pricing. Visit our pricing page to compare the different range of prices.

What will be the main use of your custom shed?

Will your shed be used as a storage shed? Will it be used to store lawn and garden equipment?  Maybe you want to make it a playhouse or add a slide. Understanding how you will be using your shed will help your determine the right shed size and shed style for your needs.

Will additional custom designs do you want?

At Wright’s Shed Co. the upgraded shed is the standard shed. We pride ourselves on building quality sheds that exceed our customers expectations. On top of our quality custom shed designs we offer a wide range of extras, from additional doors and windows to lofts, dormers, and porches.

We’re here to answer additional questions about your custom shed project

Find additional answers to your questions by visiting our custom shed FAQs page. You can also contact us with any questions you might have. For a custom shed quote, use our free custom shed quote builder tool to receive an estimate of costs for your upcoming custom shed project.