built to last shedsBuilt to last sheds are more than just a roof and four walls around your garden tools, holiday decorations and lawn mower. It’s an extension of your home. A quality shed can be more than a storage area. It can provide extra living space and add value to your property. But it has to be built with the same principles on which your home was built — quality from the inside out.

How Strong Is the Frame?

A shed that’s built to last isn’t built to last for a year or two; it is built to last for decades. At Wright’s Sheds Co., we’ve found throughout decades of work that the strongest sheds have a durable, sturdy frame. We use either pressure-treated wood or high-tensile steel for our shed frame constructions. Both are designed to last 40 years or more.

Strong foundational pieces of your shed, such as the frame, are integral to its longevity.

Get Protection from the Elements

What is the top reason a shed may rot or decay before its time? You’ve got it: weather. Just like your home, water in some shape or form is your shed’s worst enemy. If the shed isn’t equipped to be fully protected from the elements, you could see premature aging as an issue once your shed goes through a few winters.

At Wright’s Sheds Co., we don’t build sheds that only function in sunny, 70-degree weather. Sometimes the shed will have to weather subzero temperatures, a foot of snow and driving rainstorms. This is why we’ve chosen a composite wood paneling combined with architectural shingles for the roof — to ensure your outbuilding is as protected as possible. Another plus? These high-quality materials add to the aesthetics too.

Quality Workmanship Matters

Of course, as with many types of building projects, the materials are only as high-performing as the workmanship. It has to be put together the right way, not the fastest way or the cheapest way. At Wright’s Sheds Co., we are determined to provide the biggest return on investment for you, and this means taking the time to ensure every detail is quality-focused.

Trust Wright’s Sheds Co. for a Shed That’s Built to Last

The most important thing we’ve ever built is our reputation, and we’ve accomplished this one solid, long-lasting and successful shed at a time. At Wright’s Sheds Co., we believe your shed-building experience should be seamless and easy, and when we’re finished, you will have an outbuilding you can trust will stand up to every season, for years to come. We deliver the quality craftsmanship you deserve, without fail. Get your free quote today!