If you’re a wine enthusiast that’s quickly running out of space for your collection, don’t fret! Gone are the days of making room in your home by replacing areas used for something else with all your wine. Did you know that a shed can be turned into the best wine cellar there is?

Sheds have a number of custom shed designs plans available, which will go a long way in creating an ideal space for your wine collection as it expands.

Read on for some sound advice on converting a custom-designed shed into the wine cellar of your dreams:

Consider the Cooling System for Wine Cellar

A cooling system is crucial so that the correct humidity and temperature can be maintained in your wine cellar. It should have a humidity within the 50% to 70% range, with an internal temperature of around 13 degrees. Monitoring can be done with the use of a hygrothermograph so that the ideal temperature is maintained at all times.

Consider the Insulation for Wine Cellar

Install a high-quality vapor barrier and insulation, with a minimum R-value of 19, before you can store your wine in the shed. Bear in mind that in order to prevent condensation, it’s necessary to install the vapor barrier on the side that’s warm. Air and moisture can be kept out or in through simply insulating all sides: ceiling, walls and floor. That way, your wine collection stays safe from any possible damage. 

Consider the Lighting for Wine Cellar

As incredible as sunlight is, when it comes to wine that’s kept in a wine cellar, it can be more damaging than anything. Keep the shed in a shady area with little to no natural light. Thankfully, this is made easier when you use a custom shed since it’s easy to avail of one that doesn’t have any windows at all.

Artificial lighting is needed in order for organizing your wines and pulling out a bottle or two as needed. Of course, chances are you’ll want to bring guests in and show the collection off.

Look into recessed lighting with a dimmer switch alongside display lights. That said, the cellar should have all their lights off when there’s nobody in there. It’s also possible that a timer system will help control the lights, which keeps excess heat from affecting the bottles.

Consider Security for Wine Cellar

Of course, your wine collection is likely valuable and will be more expensive over time. Needless to say, it’s important that things are secure at all times. That way, break-ins can be prevented. Ideally, the shed should go in a backyard that’s fenced-in. More importantly, aside from locking the door when there’s nobody there, get an alarm system, Those extra measures will go a long way in keeping your precious collection safe at all times.


Wine enthusiasts may have a rather difficult time keeping their bottles over time without a cellar. Often, people end up sacrificing spaces in their home that were already meant for something else. Custom sheds aoffer a great opportunity for a wine cellar to be created.

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