Before you decide between a pre-built shed or a custom one, find out about the pros and cons of each. What’s the difference between custom and pre-built models, and how will they affect your needs?

The Main Difference Between the Two

A pre-built option comes ready-made — it’s dropped off at your home. While the delivery crew will likely help you get it in the right spot on your property, all the construction is complete by the time it reaches you.

A custom shed is built to order. While you can choose from a pre-existing blueprint as a baseline for the direction of the construction, the shed is built to your specifications. A crew comes to your home and constructs the storage shed from the ground up.

Cost is one of the top reasons for buying pre-built, but remember: you get what you pay for. A custom shed is designed to meet your particular needs, and it’s built using the highest-quality materials available.

Check Town and Neighborhood Rules

In some cases, it’s difficult to find a pre-built shed that meets the right specs. For example, if you have a homeowners association that has specific requirements for dimensions and color of storage sheds, you may need to have it custom-made to fit.

Whether you’re leaning toward custom or pre-built, make sure you check local building codes beforehand, just to be safe. Some may require a permit for a custom build but may not see it as necessary for a pre-built shed since it’s not constructed on-site.

Do You Have a Specific Vision?

When making your decision, you should also consider your personal design preferences. If you’d like your shed to match a unique architectural style, a pre-built model probably won’t suffice. In this case, a custom shed is an ideal way to make your vision a reality.

On the other hand, if you’re only looking for a watertight, sturdy building that will last and you’re open to different design ideas, pre-built might be a good way to solve your immediate storage problem. But remember, custom doesn’t have to mean fancy. You can place a unique order with our team and have a sturdy, no-frills custom shed built fast.

How Long Will it Last?

While both pre-built and custom models come with quality warranties, Wright’s Sheds offers eight-year warranties on both pre-built and custom sheds. We stand by our work in both areas, although our custom sheds are sturdier than pre-built sheds and usually last longer. You may not be able to choose the specific dimensions of a pre-built shed, but you’ll get it delivered faster.

Get a Quote

Call Wright’s Sheds Company today if you’re still deciding and let’s talk through the options. Both a custom and pre-built shed can be a good choice. We can help you find the best option.