Does a high-quality shed make a big difference when you’re choosing an outdoor storage solution? You better believe it does! Whether you’re storing machinery, tools or your favorite patio set, the point of storing is to preserve it.

In Utah’s extreme climate, a high-quality shed is a must. You need to know that your investment will pay off in long-lasting protection for the items you choose to place inside.

These are the top five signs you’ve found a shed up to the challenge:

1. Lengthy Manufacturer Warranty

Go beyond the sales pitch. Look at the actual materials that your shed-building company will use to construct your storage building. Once you know the siding and roofing materials manufacturers, check out their track record.

Will their materials stand up in our climate? Do they offer a manufacturer’s warranty to guard against defects?

At Wright’s Sheds, we trust in GAF Timberline architectural shingles and LP SmartSide Panel siding. Because we only use the best, our customers have the assurance that their materials manufacturer will stand by their shed’s longevity.

2. Extended Workmanship Warranty

If you’ve ever been involved in a build before, whether a chicken coop, a garage or a home, you know that the materials only function the way they’re designed to if the workmanship is up to par. Will the shed builder stand by their work long after you’ve paid the balance?

Check past customer reviews and talk to your shed builder about their philosophy. At Wright’s Sheds, we are fully committed to your satisfaction with our work. We don’t rest until we make it right.

3. Standard Sounds Premium

You know you’re getting a high-quality shed when the features listed by your shed builder seem like they should cost extra. A galvanized steel base? Onsite installation included? A key-latch already installed on the door? You get supreme quality for the best price at Wright’s Sheds.

4. The Builder Is Involved in Install

When the shed builder is not only willing, but wants to be involved in the onsite installation, you know they have an interest in the shed’s longevity. A high-quality shed is vastly different from the plastic kit you pick up at a hardware store, and your builder won’t walk away until it’s sturdily placed just the way you want it.

5. The Results Don’t Lie

A high-quality shed stands the test of time. You won’t know until you have yours in place for years that this is undeniably true, but you can trust Wright’s Sheds 20 years of experience and our lifelong pursuit of impeccable building.

Our Work Sets Us Apart

At Wright’s Sheds, we deliver high-quality sheds in a range of styles to customers throughout Utah. Our craftsmanship and devotion to detail sets us apart. Use our free online quote builder to see how much it will cost to get you the dream shed you want.