The walls come pre built so all that needs to be done is putting them on the base floor, sometimes it can be difficult putting them on correctly so a trick is to start from the back and then the sides and last the front. Each edge needs to be exactly 3 1/2in from the edge so that every wall can be put in exactly. In the top the sides of the walls should slide in perfectly but if its hard you can lift up the back of the wall and push the wall its being fitted into to make it fit. You need a ladder to get up on top and nail it all together.

First Wall

The first wall can be nailed in but still needs support before the other walls get in so that it doesn’t fall. Once this wall is put in, do the walls to the side of it to make the job easier. This is where the three and a half separation between the two sides is significant so that all the sides can go in fittingly.

Edges of the Walls

The pictures show the corners of the walls already placed inside and outside, and it’s essential they fit in perfectly like the pictures, so the shed doesn’t leak or other worse things. The last picture shows the outside edge not fit in all the way, and if any walls do end up finishing like that, the shed will end up with a ton of problems in the future.

All the walls need to be nailed all the way up together and along the edge.

Remember, when designing a shed for your family, it’s essential to consult local building codes and regulations, obtain necessary permits, and consider the climate and weather conditions of your area. If you’re unsure about the design or construction process, seeking professional assistance from an architect, contractor, or shed specialist is recommended.