Nicholls Park

Nicholls Park is an elegant park found in Fruit Heights. Here you will get bathrooms, a pavilion, large areas with grass and a great playground. It is a great location where you can visit and have a good time with your family and friends. The park has several places where you can hide and climb. This makes it a perfect place to take your children during the school holidays. Here you will have a great time as you play hide and seek and also sliding down on the slides provided.  You also find a place looking like a boat where your kids would have fun as they pretend as if they are a pirate on it.

What to do in Nicholls Park

When you visit the park, you will be amazed by the many things to see and do. You find a tot lot section that has castle heights playground with little climbing areas, strain to steer and toddler swings.  This is a section that is perfect for children who can be able to do all the things they want here without straining.  In the park, there is also a walking trail found in ravine behind the amazing showground.  As you walk from the park on the western side towards the pavilion, you get to view a slope down to a walking path. You will also see a path following the small stream and few bridges that makes it possible for you to cross forth and back the stream.  You will have a lot of fun as you go through the trail and go back to the playground.  In case you need time to rest, you will find benches and can also enjoy throwing small stones in water for fun. One of the things that will amaze you is that the area the park is beautiful at all times regardless of the season.

Tips to follow as you visit the park

Like you do when you go to visit any other place for adventure, there are some things you need to do in Nicholls Park to have the best experience.  One of the most critical tips is to ensure that you war perfect walking shoes. This is more necessary if you will be going to have a walk down to the trail. There is a dirt path and some rocks, so you also have to wear shoes that will offer you proper protection and allow you to move smoothly.  To ensure that you do not tire a lot it is always good to have good time. It is necessary you plan well in advance and start the adventure early in the morning, so that you have ample time.  This also ensures that you can have time to rest on the benches especially if you have kids. There is a lot of grass and a pavilion, so you can decide to enjoy a picnic lunch here at the park.  Be sure to check all the regulations to avoid falling into problems with the management.

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