Many homeowners store garden tools in their garages, but that’s hardly the only reason to have a shed. You can turn a garden shed into a workshop, a playhouse, even an office detached from the house. The shed style you build depends on how you plan to use it.

So what kind of shed style should you choose for your shed? This blog post will shed light on the different best built shed styles available to help you make your choice.

Choosing The Best Shed Style for Your Property: A Guide

1 – Gambrel or Barn Shed

The gambrel shed is the most common type of garden shed and, as a result, is a popular choice for homeowners. This shed style comes with two gables (i.e., two roof sections) with a steep roof slope. Additionally, it has double-sized doors and windows on either side. The two gables enable you to store and organize your things conveniently.

Another style of garden shed is the barn shed. This is the perfect shed for storing larger tools and equipment. The barn shed has a simple design but still manages to look attractive.

2 – Saltbox or Quaker Shed

A saltbox shed is another popular shed style. It features a triangular shape and a somewhat steep roof slope. Many low-level windows are strategically located on the exterior of the shed for extra light and ventilation.

The Quaker shed is a larger and sturdier version of the saltbox shed. Like the saltbox shed, the Quaker shed is designed with a triangle shape in mind.

3 – Lean-to Shed

The lean-to shed is one of the simplest styles of sheds. It has a low profile and is often used to store items in a small space. The lean-to shed design is pretty basic. It usually has two walls and a pitched roof.

4 – A-Frame Shed

Called the A-frame shed because of its structure, this type of shed is one of the easiest styles to construct. It is perfect for those who lack a lot of skills in carpentry.

5 – New England Shed

The New England shed is a scaled-down version of the colonial-style house. It is designed to look like a colonial-style house. Some people buy this style of shed to complement the existing colonial home.

6 – Victorian Shed

The Victorian shed is an attractive shed that is similar to the turreted-style firehouse. It has a steeply pitched roof and a narrow front door. It is perfect for storing larger tools and equipment.

7 – Swiss Chalet Shed

The Swiss chalet shed originated in the Swiss Alps and has a style that is timeless and inviting. It is one of the most popular styles of shed for homeowners. The Swiss chalet shed is a simple but aesthetically pleasing structure that is easy to put together.


While the styles of garden sheds we mentioned in this post are some of the most popular options, they aren’t the only options. There are many different styles you could choose from. The secret when choosing a shed style is to choose one that works best for you.

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