In your shed, you are most likely to find rakes, shovels, brooms, blowers, mowing machines, seeders, and gardening soil. Most of the time, you may find yourself cramming in trash bags, leaf bags, a utility knife, and work gloves that you need for garden tasks. Now, it’s only safe to imagine how full your shed may be!

Beyond the listed items above, there could be more tools you can find such as a trimmer and lawnmower, other supplies, and food for your animals. Others may also look into the shed for storing lawn furniture cushions and winter furniture covers for the outdoor spaces.

With all these items in a limited space, it would be best to organize and arrange them so that they are easy to find and use. Such a move could save you time and effort, and encourage you to begin and finish tasks better!

It’s time to organize the shed now that you’ve gathered everything. Here are some more ideas and tips you will need for a proper shed organization. 

Tips for Storing Items in Your Shed

1. Incorporate Shelving in Your Shed

Shelving can assist you in organizing your shed. Always store vertically in small spaces. If your floor is uneven, earthquake straps can help. It’s safer to walk around, and there’s more space in the shed. 

Beyond shelves, wall track and racks may be useful as well. Wall tracks are ideal for tools that are long, thin, and flat, such as racks. To avoid being obstructed by other items, hang the rack holder bar at least 6 feet above the floor.

2. Sort Out the Items Accordingly

For storing small items, clear plastic baskets are ideal. Sort by task or article type. Arrange these bins vertically to avoid having them buried in your shed. 

3. Utilize a Mobile Cart 

A mobile cart organizes and consolidates commonly used gardening tools and supplies (gloves, soil, trowels, etc.). You have two options: To begin, try our do-it-yourself garden cart project, which uses materials you probably already have on hand. Second, you can buy a sturdy garden center that can hold additional items. Both are fantastic for organizing a shed. 

4. Set Up a Tool Tracking System

The GearTrack shed storage rack is simple to assemble. These tracks are perfect for organizing and storing various tools in your shed. Install the rack high in your shed to save floor space. 

5. Build an Outdoor Supply Cabinet 

A garden supply cabinet is an excellent addition to your shed. When you open the box, you’ll find a variety of common garden tools and supplies. This aids in the organization and cleaning of your shed. Check to see if our cabinet designs are a good fit for you.


Sometimes, homemaking doesn’t just include picking out furniture for your home. It’s more than keeping the house clean and smelling good at all times. With that being said, maintaining your home is also maintaining and organizing the tools you have invested on to keep up the indoors and outdoors of your sanctuary. So, don’t hesitate to get to work! Start now and pick up the habit of having the best shed in your neighborhood!

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