Washington Terrace, UT

Brief history

Washington Terrace is one of the major cities located in Weber County, Utah.  The city finds its history from 1948 when George Herman secured the land from the government. He played a crucial role in organizing the community sand from then it grew to become the city it is today.  It started as a place where the military men brought their families and then grew fast as a full service city.  After the war ended, it moved on to grow and expand because of its beauty and ideal location. It is rated as one of the top places where you can live in North America. There are a lot of activities that happen here. Regardless of what you want to do, you can always find something you can do including recreation, rest or if you want sometimes to revive yourself.

Population and social amenities

The city is mostly occupied by the whites who make the largest population here. There are also other people such as the African Americans, Native Americans, Asians and other races too. Since its growth as a city, it has managed to attract more people not only from Utah, but also other parts of the country.  There are both public schools with the major one being Bonneville high school and also private schools.  The city is governed by a council that usually meets in the city hall and headed by a mayor who is elected by the people in an election that is help after every two years.

One of the advantages in the city is that the city has a smaller community compared to most of the other cities in the county. This means that residents have a close proximity to essential services, education, goods, cultural and professional opportunities. It covers an area of almost four square mile and a population of about eleven thousand.

Things to do and places to visit

There are several attractions found in the city and there are also several activities you can get engaged. It all depends on your interests. It is a city you can visit during your holiday either alone or with your family members.  One of the major attractions here is Fort Douglas Military Museum.  It is an elegant museum that has a lot of historical information that you would like to know. It is rich with a lot of historical facts and other displays.  Here, you will find the remains of remain of the Second World War German POW’S.  Another thing you will like most about this museum is that it has staff with a lot of knowledge and are always ready to help.  It is a museum you can visit with your kids for them to learn more about history. There is also horseshoe canyon, which is an amazing. Here you will enjoy a hike. It has a lot of ancient rock art. It is not too hard so you do not have to worry, but it is good to be fit.

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