Planning to build a storage shed seems like a huge project — one you can put off until the snow melts. So many homeowners assume that winter is the off-season for shed builders, so they wait to call and talk about their project until the blossoms are back on the trees.

But is putting the project off really the best approach? Or is it better to build a storage shed now?

At Wright’s Shed Co., we don’t have an off-season when it comes to providing Utah homeowners with their ideal backyard shed. Keeping function, style and quality craftsmanship at the forefront, we build sheds at all times of the year.

But why is this winter the best time to get started on your shed-building project?

Holiday Decorations Need to Go Somewhere

If you’re the type who doesn’t feel the holiday spirit until your home’s exterior is fully lit up, installing a backyard shed this winter is a good move.

Maybe you’ve realized that adding holiday decorations can be a slippery slope. You start with a wreath, then you add lights around your porch. Next thing you know, there’s a blow-up Santa in your yard and you’re wondering where you’re going to store your new additions once the new year arrives and it’s time for take-down.

A backyard shed offers the perfect amount of storage space to accommodate your seasonal decorations, plus all the other items you want to keep inside, from your lawnmower to your mulch. Get the project started right now and take advantage of the square footage for the remainder of winter!

You’re Going Stir Crazy

Winter has a way of bringing families together — maybe too close together! You might want to escape to work on your hobby, but it can prove difficult to find a spot to get some peace and quiet.

Build a storage shed this winter and use it for more than storage — use it for you! She-sheds are the new man caves, and sheds, in general, are more than ideal for a man cave space.

Your Basement Is Full

It’s easy to just keep stacking boxes in your basement, but during the winter, reality hits home: You have so much stuff! Build a storage shed to make more space for your memorabilia and collectibles!

Stop Worrying About the Weather

If your ride-on lawnmower is outside with a tarp over it, you probably occasionally worry about how winter is taking a toll on its engine. And your garden tools that are getting wet? Yeah, you’re worried about rust on those, too.

Stop worrying about winter and face it with confidence when you have a shed to store all your valuable items.


You’ll Get Your Shed Built Fast!

Since so many homeowners assume shed-building is best done in spring, you have less competition for your local shed builders’ time and attention. Depending on their schedule, you can get a faster turnaround on your project in wintertime.


You’re Ready to Take on Spring

You probably have a lot of plans this spring. Maybe you’re re-doing your landscaping. Maybe you’re getting ready to sell your home. There are so many ways a backyard shed can further your goals, but if you don’t start the project until May, you’ll be missing out!

Schedule a consultation with Wright’s Shed Co. today, and build a storage shed sooner rather than later. You won’t regret it!