What shed style should you could choose for your backyard? You see lots of styles in home improvement stores and in your neighbors’ backyards. But before you make your decision, compare your top choices. After all, a new shed is a big investment, and you want to make sure you’ll love it.

What Are You Looking For?

If you’re adding a shed based on its show-stopping style only, you’ll have a different priority list than a homeowner who needs a shed primarily for storage reasons. It’s not impossible to strike a happy medium and deliver on both counts with one shed style, but it’s important to look at all your options up front.

Below are the top three variations many homeowners gravitate toward.

1. Farm Style

A shed with a gambrel roof is known as farm style because that’s where it was traditionally used — for large, essential storage buildings. The reason the roof is shaped this way is because it allows for more storage space without expanding the dimensions of the building’s perimeter.

Once used to stack hay and feed high and dry, today, farm shed styles are used for so much more. Rack your kayaks or bikes above your head so they aren’t in the way. Build a loft to use for an office or just another layer of storage space. The possibilities abound.

2. Lean-To

In contrast to a barn-style roof, a lean-to shed is ideal when you don’t want to take up too much overhead space. Whether due to size requirements, local zoning laws or aesthetic preference, the lean-to shed offers you plenty of room to store items without overwhelming your backyard.

3. Traditional Gable

A gable roof is one of the more popular shed styles. Whether you choose a side or front-facing gable, you’re sure to get a significant amount of storage space in one attractive build. The gable style is popular mainly because it looks similar to many colonial home styles. Matching shed style to home style is a beautiful way to incorporate a new outbuilding into the property.

Customization Is Key

Remember, shed styles are only starting points. You can make your new storage building your canvas. Add windows. Add a deck. Build a ramp for the lawnmower. Build dormers. Whatever you imagine, Wright’s Sheds makes it come to life. And since we use quality products, you can be sure the final product will last! Wright’s Sheds: It’s where durability and design meet.